CityChlor final conference
May 16 and 17 2013 in Ghent, Belgium

The partners of the CityChlor project are proud to present the final conference of their project on May 16 and 17 2013 in Ghent, Belgium. In the CityChlor project 9 partners from 4 European regions worked together to develop an integrated approach for pollution with chlorinated solvents in urban environments.

Environmental experts, consultants, policy-makers, urban planners and city representatives are invited to the conference that will present the results of the joint work of different disciplines in plenary sessions. Specific topics as techniques for characterization and remediation, urban planning, financing and communication will be treated in detail in parallel technical sessions.

Registration is now open and should be done before April 30. The complete programme and all practical information can be found on the CityChlor website.


Workshop Spatial Planning, 15 september 2011, Antwerp - Belgium

OVAM organizes a workshop about Spatial Planning on September 15th in the Antwerp Xpo. The program focuses on sustainable business districts, with respect for the cradle-to-cradle (C2C) principles in a 3D perspective.

Please let us know if you will attend before September 9. You can do that through this webpage.


Workshop CityChlor 'Integrating in situ remediation techniques with land use cycles', 19 oktober 2011, Utrecht - The Netherlands

Developments in in situ remediation techniques for the treatment of soil and groundwater contamination allow these techniques to be integrated into site redevelopment plans. This workshop provides the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of in situ remediation, see their practical application at sites, and debate what is still needed.

Speakers include experts in the field of land use cycles, researchers on chemical and biological remediation techniques, developers of in situ remediation technologies, and specialists on redevelopment at Utrecht Central Station.



Technical Program

Practical Application

9:00 Registration

11:00 Pauline van Gaans
Smart ISCO Application

13:30 POS Tour of Utrecht Central Station

9:30 Huub Rijnaarts
Chairman’s Welcome

11:30 Nora Sutton
Coupling ISCO and Bioremediation

15:00 Ole Stubdrup
Innovative ISCO Injection Technology

9:45 Uwe Ferber
Circular land use management

12:00 Hauke Smidt
MonitoringBioremediation with Molecular Tools

CityChlor is a transnational cooperation project that aims to improve the quality and minimize the pollution of soil and groundwater by developing an integrated approach to tackle the threats caused by contamination with chlorinated solvents in urban areas.

Upsoil is a Seventh Framework European Union project focussing on the development of cost-effective, rapid, and sustainable in situ remediation technologies based on chemical and biological degradation of organic contaminants.

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